Faith Formation

Form deep and lasting Christian faith from childhood through adulthood.


Research, resources, and reflections for faith+leaders like you.

I Was a Teenage Reactionary

Deconstructing from an aggressively progressive Christianity
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Podcast Episodes

Audio content you can take on the go.

Episode 53: Beyond Job’s Friends: Accompanying Those in Trauma’s Pits (3 of 3)

Jennifer Ohman-Rodriguez joins the August 2022 Book Hub as she talks about her book, "A Time to Mourn & a Time to Dance."
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Ebooks, practices, tools, and more.

Faith & Identity

What does it mean to learn, work, serve, love, and play out of a Christ-centered identity? How does it shape our relationships and our choices?
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Learning Opportunities

Live and on-demand learning experiences to deepen your faith and leadership.

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Connect with God

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