Getting Started

Welcome to Boundary Training for Clergy. In this online course you will explore five areas of boundary training - pastoral relationships with adults, finances and church business, self care, pastoral relationships with children and youth, and social media. Each unit will begin with an overview and key questions, a theological reflection, a case study, a video to watch, articles to read, and a reflection that you will write and turn in. We recommend one week for each unit, allowing time for you to reflect on the unit and integrate the boundaries in your life and ministry.

After completing all six units your final assignment will be to write a case study and final reflection. The team at The Center for Progressive Renewal will review and provide feedback on your reflections. When all your assignments are completed and approved, you will receive a certificate of completion and portfolio containing all your reflections from the course.

If you have any questions along the way, contact Rev. Jim Keat, Director of Online Learning, at [email protected].