Welcome to "Preaching Advent"

Hello! We are so glad that you have registered for this preaching and worship planning resource. We hope that these conversations with and reflections from various faith leaders, including Rev. Brandan Robertson, Rev. Jacqui Lewis, Rev. Bethany Peerbolte, Brian McLaren, and others enrich both your work as a pastor as well as your own faith and spirituality.

Some of these conversations were recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why you will see Rev. Lewis and Rev. Jim Keat sitting side by side without face masks in some of her videos. (Don't worry, both Jacqui and Jim are strong proponents and practitioners of all the best health guidelines.)

The podcast episodes are from previous seasons of Be Still and Go: Meditations for the Movement. Additional episodes will be added as the upcoming season is released.

In addition to the conversations with Jacqui and Brian, this resource includes The Word Made Fresh, a weekly video Bible study and sermon prep resource created by Rev. Jim Keat and produced by The Riverside Church.

All this to say, enjoy! We've all been waiting a long time for the Advent season. (Get it, that's an Advent joke. 😉)