Week 11 Reading Assignment

Reading assignments and activities:

  1. Review the definition and roles of the local church within the United Church of Christ in the UCC Constitution, articles III. and V. (embedded below)
  2. Read in United Church of Christ Manual on Church, pages 8-12 and 14-15
  3. Review the Fall 2017 Statistical Report (embedded below)
  4. Review the Report on United Church of Christ Congregational Vitality and Ministerial Excellence. Note particularly the introduction, and the comments of Holly MillerShank, Bill McKinney, and Cameron Trimble. (embedded below)
  5. View the lecture by Rev. Laura Robinson on “Perspectives on Local Church in the UCC” (embedded below)
  6. View lecture by Dr. David Greenhaw on Exploring the UCC Series: “The Local Church, Membership, Organizations, Freedoms and Responsibilities” (embedded below)

Additional Assignments for the Week:

  • Watch Renewing a Church: Interviews between Rev. Mike Piazza and Rev. Ann Ralosky (embedded below)
  •  Listen the interview with Rev. Violet Little on the church she started in Philadelphia (embedded below)

week 11 - Constitution.pdf
week 11 - 2017-UCC-Statistical-Profile.pdf
week 11 - UCC-Congregational-Vitality-and-Ministerial-Excellence-Report.pdf