Week 10 Reading Assignments

Reading assignments and activities:

  1. Watch Framing the Conversation with Phyllis Tickle where she lays the groundwork for understanding why the church is changing and the church's need to adapt. (embedded below) 
  2. Read Rubin Sheares article on covenant within UCC polity (embedded below)
  3. Explore the definition and roles of conferences and associations as found in the UCC Constitution (embedded below) 
  4. Read the article on conferences in the UCC by Don Sevetson and Rollin Russell (embedded below)
  5. Explore the website of your conference, and if your association has one, your association. What new things have you learned about the role and ministry of your conference (and association) in this exploration?
  6. Listen to the Lecture by Rev. Heather Bardole on the role of conferences and associations in the United Church of Christ (embedded below)
  7. Visit the websites of conferences that are in conversations about greater collaboration with one another. These conferences include Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island in one conversation, Pennsylvania Northeast and Penn Southeast, and South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa.

week 10 - Sheares R Reflections on Covenant wihtin UCC Polity 040313.pdf
week 10 - Constitution.pdf
week 10 - prism-articles-on-conferences-1994.pdf