Week 9 Reading Assignment

Reading assignments and activities:

  1. Review History and Program Revised and Updated, Post, pages 73-82
  2. Review the UCC Constitution and Bylaws. Look for definitions of the role of General Synod (UCC Constitution, Article IX. UCC Bylaws, Article III) making notes on the essentials of what you see. (embedded below)
  3. Explore the videos of, the schedule, resolutions, and other resources that are posted for the most recent General Synod. (click here)
  4. Listen to a perspective on General Synod offered by Rev. Edith Guffy (embedded below)
  5. Listen to the lecture by Heather Bardole introducing General Synod (embedded below)
  6. Listen to lecture by Tim Downs, The Evolving Structure of the United Church of Christ (embedded below)

week 9 - Constitution.pdf
week 9 - Bylaws.pdf