Week 8 Reading Assignments

Reading assignments and activities:

  1. Read Evolution of a UCC Style, Chapters 5 and 6.
  2. Read Freeman, D., Autonomy in Covenant (embedded below)
  3. Read Hulteen W., Covenantal Relationships (embedded below)
  4. Read Northern California Nevada Committee on Ministry, Definition of Covenant (embedded below)
  5. Watch “A Commitment to Covenant” featuring Rev. Brigit Stevens (embedded below)

Optional reading for historic background on covenant:

  • Read Russell, R. Covenantal Theology, Covenantal Church Life (embedded below)

week 8 - Autonomy-in-a-Covenantal-Polity-Freeman.pdf
week 8 - covenant-definition.pdf
week 8 - covenantal-relationships-lth-140.pdf
week 8 - Russell-on-Covenant-Theology.pdf