Week 7 Reading Assignments

Reading assignments and activities:

  1. Browse the Congregational Library exhibit on ABCFM for a historical view of global ministries
  2. Read "We Thank God by Working for a Just and Loving World" (embedded below)
  3. Watch the talk by Sunitha Mortha on the spirit of global ministry (embedded below)
  4. Explore the Global Ministries website, especially the About Us page
  5. Read the the Guiding Principles of the Global Ministries
  6. Read the History of the Global Ministries
  7. Read the Origin and Legacy of the Common Global Ministries Board (embedded below)
  8. Read the Global Ministries Strategic Plans (embedded below)
  9. Focus your reading by choosing a part of the world that is of interest to you other than the United States. How is the UCC present in those places? Who are our ecumenical partners there?

week 7 - We Thank God by Working for a Just and Loving World.pdf
week 7 - Nottingham-CGMB-History-doc.pdf
week 7 - Long-Range-Plan-Vision-Statement.pdf