Week 5 Reading Assignments

Reading Assignments and Activities:

  1. Read “Sacrament of Christian Vocation” (embedded below)
  2. Read “Sacrament on Discipleship” (embedded below)
  3. Read the Introduction to the Book of Worship (embedded below)
  4. Review the slides from “Worshipping Into God’s Future” (embedded below)
  5. Familiarize yourself with worship resources on the SEC and UCC websites including Worship Ways
  6. Watch the lecture on worship and sacraments (embedded below)
  7. Visit a UCC congregation that worships in a tradition substantially different than your own; your conference website should have a directory of congregations. Alternatively, find a UCC congregation online which worships in a tradition other than your own. There are wide varieties. We suggest that you visit Cathedral of Hope, Dallas, TX, Trinity UCC, Chicago, IL, The Riverside Church, New York, NY, Old South Congregational UCC, Boston, First Congregational UCC, Berkeley, CA, City of Refugee UCC, Oakland, CA, Plymouth Congregational UCC, Oklahoma City, OK or any other of the many UCC churches that either live stream or post videos of their worship. If you have commitments at your own church on Sunday mornings: Trinity UCC offers a Wednesday evening service that may be live streamed. The Riverside Church and Cathedral of Hope and many of the other listed churches post an audio or audio and video of their worship on their website.  The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the diversity of worship styles within the UCC, and help you “know yourself more fully by becoming acquainted with the other.”
  8. Review sample of orders of services from “United Church of Christ Book of Worship

UCC Book of Worship is a resource which seeks to reflect essential UCC values such as inclusivity, theological diversity, a rootedness in tradition and yet a spirit of innovation. The Table of Contents and Introduction to the Book of Worship, an excellent overview and review of contents:

  • Order for the Service of Word and Sacrament I, a liturgical yet less formal service
  • Order for the Service of Word and Sacrament II, somewhat more liturgical than the first
  • Order for Services of the Word, without communion
  • Order for Baptism, a rich and substantial service with bold dramatization allowing for immersion, pouring or sprinkling
  • Order for Foot Washing: new to our tradition, but profoundly moving when practiced. Often this is performed on Maundy Thursday.
  • Order for Healing for Congregational Use, intended for use in conflictive settings.
  • Order for Corporate Reconciliation

week 5 - gunnemann-on-baptism.pdf
week 5 - gunnemann-on-eucharist.pdf
week 5 - worshipintro.pdf
week 5 - witgf.pdf