Week 4 Group Assignment (first step due February 21)

Group Statement of Faith Project

This week is a group project and serves as both your written and discussion assignments for the week. You will work with your discussion group to draft a joint statement of faith. Your group will engage in an exchange of ideas on a Google Doc, assisted by the class facilitator. 


Write a statement describing essential elements of your personal faith and post it to your assigned Google Document by noon on Friday, February 21. (For help in this task see the assigned readings, other examples you find on the internet, or your own religious/cultural heritage and passions.) Through your group's working document, read & engage the statements of others in your group. Please note your initial posting must be up no later than Friday to give fellow students the opportunity to respond to your statements with their own.

By Saturday/Sunday, after you've had a chance to engage each other's personal statements, you will begin to develop a collaborative Statement of Faith. The Google Document will allow you to comment on one another’s posts and maintain dialogue (we are aware this system is not perfect – we ask that you would engage one another respectfully and graciously throughout the project, especially when it comes to differing beliefs). There may be points in your respective individual statements that are not reconcilable.  Put those aside and work on the areas where you can come to agreement for your group statement.

The facilitator will be available to answer questions and give gentle direction throughout the weekend, but this project should be largely initiated by the group. If you would like to organize a time for your group to meet over Zoom, let Heather know and she will organize a link for you. Please be advised that this is not required, so if members of your group cannot join a live meeting, they will not be penalized.

Once a final draft has been developed, each group will select one person to post the statement of faith for the entire group. It is easiest to copy and paste the final statement off of GoogleDocs into a Word document to submit under the written assignment module. Please include the names of all group members at the top of the document.

You will not receive an individual written assignment grade this week; rather your entire group will receive a grade on your joint statement of faith. You are expected to participate actively in the drafting of this statement and the facilitator will be monitoring this carefully. Your level of participation will affect your week's discussion grade. Your final group Statement of Faith is due on Tuesday, February 25 at midnight, again to be submitted by one group member, in their Written Assignment module.

If you are interested in the work / progress of other groups on this assignment, you are welcome to look at their Google Document. Access to each Google Document is below - click into the document corresponding to your discussion group.