A powerful tool to help you decide if changing directions is right for you

Task-To-Energy Ratio Inventory

From shrinking budgets to congregational conflict—even an upcoming retirement—there are good reasons for wondering what else your degree or ministry background prepares you for. Those lingering questions don’t go away on their own, and what you do with them matters. If you’re thinking about making a move, start here.

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Are you being called to bi-vocational ministry?

If you’re burnt out or have felt stuck in the past, the realities of bi-vocational ministry might be more appealing than ever before. At the same time, if you envisioned the rest of your life built around a career in full-time ministry, doing anything else might feel like a disappointment.

All of those feelings are normal, and the full spectrum of emotions can be expected as you shift from being reactive to proactive.

This tool created by Rev. Sarah Ciavarri allows you to discover what excites you and where God is calling (along with where you might get stuck in the process).

What's Inside...

  • An actionable inventory for discerning what aspects of ministry bring you joy, as well as what other opportunities may be interesting to you
  • Helpful tools for tracking how your time and energy are spent
  • Insight into trends and changes that may have been easy to miss in the past
  • Key questions to ask as you navigate your results and the transitions ahead
  • … and so much more!

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