A free tool for self-evaluation and reflection

Understanding Bias and Burnout Starts With Awareness

To be human is to have some degree of bias baked in. Knowing it’s unavoidable can be helpful, especially as you learn to manage it. Burnout can sneak up on all of us, especially when we’re involved in something we care about. Awareness is the key to addressing both, but the ways in which bias and burnout intersect might surprise you.

What's Inside:

  • Short quizzes to gauge how aware of bias and burnout you already are
  • An analysis for each scoring cluster – just to know where you stand
  • A better understanding of the critical role awareness plays
  • The way to identify the dangerous connection between bias and burnout
  • Helpful definitions, action steps, and additional resources for reflection

When we know better, we do better.

It can be difficult for all of us to see past our own experiences. We live in ways that, so often, reinforce our assumptions and beliefs, even when they’re wrong or hurtful. Challenging these biases takes a lot of mental bandwidth – something that, for most of us, is in short supply.

Finding tools that build awareness is the first step towards understanding and managing our innate biases. Those same tools also help us deal with the burnout that keeps us unaware. If you’re looking for a tool like that, this downloadable resource – developed by Dr. Dee Stokes – is the perfect place to begin.

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