Seeds Fellowship Program

The Seeds Fellowship is a leadership development accelerator for entrepreneurial ministry leaders focused on helping people discover the difference Jesus makes in everyday life.

What’s the Seeds Fellowship?

The Seeds Fellowship supports innovative leaders who are called to cultivate Christian faith in an age in which people are likely to seek the good without God. Seeds Fellows engage innovative leadership practices that equip them to do ministry at the intersection of Gospel and culture.

I have experienced God through my participation with the Seeds Fellowship. I have felt a peaceful reassurance of God’s hand on me. Simply wonderful. Thank you.

-2021 Seeds Fellow

What Fellows Receive

  • A $5000 stipend, plus travel support.
  • Connection with other Christian innovators through regular gatherings, both virtual and in-person.
  • Access to a community of mentors and coaches who can help address challenges Fellows are facing.
  • Ability to share learning with a wide audience on the Seeds Platform.
  • Access to funding for new ministry experiments aimed at helping people discover the difference Jesus makes in everyday life.
  • Optional one-on-one coaching.
  • Technological or other help to advance ministry projects.

Are you a good candidate for the Seeds Fellowship?

If you’re passionate about helping others discover the difference Jesus makes in everyday life, already engaged in ministry in this area in some way, shape, or form, and want to share stories of what you’re learning with a broader audience, you’re exactly the kind of leader we’re looking for.

seeds fellows eating out together

How it Works

Seeds Fellows participate in the following activities:

  • A 90-minute coaching call each month via Zoom
  • Two in-person retreats (at the beginning and end of the fellowship)
  • One virtual retreat
  • Four quarterly webinars
  • One-on-one coaching (as needed)
  • Developing content for the Seeds platform

Meet the Guiding Team

Get to know the leaders accompanying the Fellows on their journey

Dr. Dee Stokes

Dee Stokes

Speaker, pastor, educator

Priest, scholar, innovator

Dwight Zscheile

Priest, scholar, innovator

headshot of Josh Linman who is a program coordinator and Seeds alum

Josh Linman

Program coordinator and Seeds alum

headshot of Tamisha Tyler who is a coach, mentor, and Seeds alum

Tamisha Tyler

Coach/ mentor, and Seeds alum

Charlene Bowden

Coach/ mentor, and Seeds alum

Chuck Whitley

Coach/ mentor, and Seeds alum