Five Practices for Faith+Leaders

Christian disciples and leaders are called to embody and equip their communities in these core tasks.

Practice One

Connect with God

Develop a Christ-centered identity, grounded in theology, Scripture, and spiritual practice that empowers you to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ in everyday life.

Practice Two

Tell the Story

Tell the story of Jesus and invite neighbors into Jesus’ way of life and love through words and actions they can recognize.

Practice Three

Cultivate Community

Listen deeply, name God’s presence in the midst of everyday life, and form life-giving relationships across all dimensions of diversity—both within and beyond the church.

Practice Four

Practice Justice

Through mutual relationships with the neighbors among whom you’re hosted, join in acts of compassion, justice, and reconciliation as a witness to the ministry of Jesus—especially in places of suffering and despair.

Practice Five

Shift Ministry Models

Harness skills of agile leadership, stewardship, fundraising, entrepreneurism, and management to be nimble enough to respond to a changing cultural landscape.