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Our mission is to equip people inside and outside of the church to love God and neighbor with online theological education for everyone.

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What Will You Learn How to Know, Be, and Do When You Take Faith+Lead Academy Courses?

Why Learn with
Faith+Lead Academy?

Theologically Sound

Operating withing a framework of generous orthodoxy that is both faithful and robust, Faith+Lead Academy brings you learning experiences that are rooted in the theological treasures of the Christian tradition.


All our learning experiences are based on a simple framework: know, do, be—to help you not only grasp the material intellectually, but put into practice what you’re learning so that you are transformed in your faith and discipleship.

Contextually Responsive

We believe that learning happens best together. That’s why all our learning experiences are delivered in our membership portal, which includes a private social network where you can form meaningful relationships with colleagues and peers.

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