Bible Studies

God the Gardener

A Bible study about cultivating spaces where everyone belongs

Jesus, Scripture, and Our Feelings

What insight does scripture give us into the practice and importance of emotional intelligence?

Two Difficult Conversations in the Bible

The Bible is no stranger difficult conversations. Here's where they show up in scripture.

Spiritual Practices for an Audience of One

The only One you need to address in your spiritual practice is God.

Diversity, Unity & Division

A Bible study about having meaningful conversations with people who are different from you.

Platforms for Ministry, Matter: A Bible Study

God communicates to us in the Bible through different platforms

Falling Out of Grace Yet Finding Home: A Bible Study

Scripture and ministry during the pandemic

Adaptive Versus Technical Challenges in Scripture

How two accounts from Acts relate to change in the church today

On Why People Give Money to Their Church

Stewardship Lesson #2: Trusting the Promises of God

Pastor Paul Stjernholm speaks of the potential that is within a seed and the bounty that we receive from God.

Stewardship Lesson # 1: Give in Proportion to What God has Given You

A stewardship sermon on 2 Corinthians 8 and Matthew 25.