Children, Youth, and Families

Discipleship and Story

The redemptive narrative of God’s love is where we connect with the reality of our faith

Please, Stop Calling It a Pageant!

Children leading worship helps us understand and experience God's Word in a new way

Oh, the Drama!

The questions that changed our VBS into theater camp

Free to Be, Resilient … or Not

God isn’t waiting for us to prove our worth.

Faith in Young Adult Leaders? That Works!

Seeing a young person’s perspective as an asset to ministry.

Dear Sophia: What are your best parenting tips for raising compassionate kids?

Common language, starting the way we want to finish, and four mistaken goals.

Do It Together!: Stewardship Across Generations

Young and old working together model God’s kingdom

Intergenerational Relationships Breathe Life!

Kids, teenagers, and young adults are often filled with visions and dreams that adults miss

Stewardship and Young Children: It’s Bigger Than Paper Banks During Lent

Children remind us that stewardship is about way more than money

Is Impatience at the Root of Our Anxiety?

Gardening, parenting, and uncontrollable variables

Piano Recitals, Picture Books, and Stewardship

What can we learn from intergenerational sharing?

Why Celebrating Mother’s Day in Church is Complicated

Reclaiming “Evangelism” at Extravaganza 2023

2 participants share their highlights

Becoming a Parent Changes Everything, Even My Faith

Feeling God’s hand in each of my vocations.

Why Do We Have to Talk About God Stuff?

Our job is not to churn out believers with unquestioning faith and mastery of the small catechism

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