Editor's Picks

Good Courage Farm: God Regenerates Soil and Spirit  

Inviting all of creation to flourish

Filling in the Vowels

Seeking Buechner’s alphabet of grace in Vonnegut’s incomprehensible world

A Life Worth Wanting

Following Jesus to purpose and meaning

Good Courage Farm: Seed Sent and Planted

A new documentary on Rural Ministry by Alauna Yust and the Faith+Lead team

Everything I Knew about the Transfiguration Was Wrong

Making sense of this strange story in light of pilgrimage festivals

The Ecstatic and the Everyday

On a Christian-mysticism-informed car pilgrimage to northeast Wisconsin

Is This the Year?

Dreams, marbles, black holes, and soil

Annunciations and Resolutions

Opening to God in the New Year

Step into Christmas in the Barn

The wonder of the holy finds us in the plain, the ordinary, and the beautifully mundane

7 Frequently Asked Faithful Innovation Questions

Exploring potential paths to answer questions often posed to Faith+Lead

Faith After Deconstruction

A visual guide

There’s a Psalm for That

How the Psalms speak to us when death leaves a hole in our lives

Lanterns on Martinmas: When Traditions Don’t Make Sense

The “why” of every theological point, sacrament, or rhythm doesn’t always have to unfold all the way in the mind


God can repurpose our pain to create

Missional Church: To Those Who Love Church Too Much to Let It Stay the Same

Longing for church to be something more