Editor's Picks

Which Stories Are We Living In?

Deepening the church's life in the story and Way of Jesus

Gospel Imagination

The faithfulness of God in an age of division

Say The Thing, Not Anything

You’ve already been given what to say, so say it and see what God does

Love at the Margins

God’s invitation to truly see the people around us

Preaching to Know-it-alls and Picky Eaters

Being genuine communicates volumes

Monasticism and the Mayo Clinic

Silence and presence create space for centering in upheaval

Prayer Types for Personality Types

Walking with saints in the shadowlands

Discipleship and Story

The redemptive narrative of God’s love is where we connect with the reality of our faith

The Hope of the Crucifixion

A symbol of a love so deep, so infinite, that it is almost terrifying to behold

Good Courage Farm: God Regenerates Soil and Spirit  

Inviting all of creation to flourish

Filling in the Vowels

Seeking Buechner’s alphabet of grace in Vonnegut’s incomprehensible world

A Life Worth Wanting

Following Jesus to purpose and meaning

Good Courage Farm: Seed Sent and Planted

A new documentary on Rural Ministry by Alauna Yust and the Faith+Lead team

Everything I Knew about the Transfiguration Was Wrong

Making sense of this strange story in light of pilgrimage festivals

The Ecstatic and the Everyday

On a Christian-mysticism-informed car pilgrimage to northeast Wisconsin

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