Pandemic Response

Listening to the Community

Pandemic (and beyond) food sharing

Normalcy, Body Capital and the Good News

Churches haven’t been pursuing universal design

Two Years and Counting: COVID and the Disabilities Community

An open letter from a disabled Christian to the church

Christmas, Unlike the Gifts, Will Come On Time

Christmas is anything but scarce.

Stewarding Community Through Darkness

Ideas for taking care of one another, even in the midst of difficult times.

Addressing Grief, Loss and Anxiety

An interview with Jennifer Grant

From No Stream to Livestream (On a Budget)

A case study of how one church upgraded their livestream

Hybrid Challenge: Vacation Bible School

Holding an online and in-person VBS

An Expanded Experience of Incarnation

Inclusive faith experiences throughout the pandemic

A Hard Factory Reset

Big Life Changes Made During the Pandemic

Pastors and Churches Ask, “Now What?”

Equipping each other for post-pandemic life and ministry

Spiritual Direction Has Left the Building

Spiritual direction can happen anywhere now

What We Gain from Processing the Pandemic

Taking time to reflect on the past year

Jen Gruendler: How a “Garden Crew” Ministry Grew Out of the Pandemic

When everything fell apart in March 2020, one youth group decided to plant a garden.

Outdoor Successes (Learning from the Lab)

Stories of outdoor worship and fellowship