Pandemic Response

Hans Dahl: Church By the Lake?

An amazing thing happened when we decided to take church TO the people, instead of expecting them to come to us.

Life During COVID—According to 5th Graders

Pandemic reflections from children

My COVID Journal – A Group Exercise

Reflecting on COVID through journaling

Learning from the Lab: Good Questions to Ask Right Now

Start a conversation with your congregation

Pandemic Community for a Multi-Point Parish

Building on shared ministry in new ways

What I’m Reading Now: Asset Mapping Post-Pandemic

A recommended resource for ministry

Stewarding Our Limits

Sometimes boundaries reveal God's abundance

Learning from the Lab: Holy Week Creativity

Pandemic-safe Holy Week ideas

Why I’m Not Worried About My Kids Missing Virtual Church

Reflections from a parent about children and virtual church

What I’m Browsing Now: A Toolkit for Marking 1 Year of the Pandemic

Help for churches remembering the pandemic anniversary

A Leader’s Guide to Online Retreats

Host a fun and meaningful online retreat

How to Best Use Children’s Books in Pandemic Ministry

Simple innovations to include children in pandemic ministry

What I’m Listening To Now: #TreasuresofDarkness Podcast Devotions

Devotions for church leaders

Marking Ash Wednesday in 2021

A faithful innovation for remembering the start of Lent

Resources for Lent 2021

Dream up new possibilities for Lent 2021

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