Seeds Project Fellows

It’s Your Time Now

Learning that God’s plans are different and better than your own.

Living into the Kingdom of Shalom

Committing to the way of justice and love

All The Whosoevers

Are we ready to welcome everyone who enters our churches?

Mary of Bethany

Love like Jesus in every moment

Beer Church, Rule Breaking, and Jesus

Disaffiliation and disengagement from church may be the norm, but everyone seems thirsty for connection.

Renewal Through Holy Hospitality: The Story of Café Connection

Hospitality isn’t just service, it’s also being a good listener and asking good questions.

Loving Curiosity

Uncover why people love what they love

The Character We’re Creating is You

D&D as a tool for reflection and empathetic imagination

Prayer, Listening, and Vision: Catalysts for Cultivating a Dynamic and Diverse Church Community or Fresh Expression

In a world that increasingly recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity, it can be inspiring to envision church services where representation from various backgrounds thrives.

Becoming a Brave Girl

Giving girls support and space for healthy creative expression