Stewardship Leaders

Attending to Emotions in Times of Change

Listening to sadness, fear, and anger while leaning into grief, gratitude, and wonder

Church Rental Property Q&A

God’s Mission + Community Need + Underutilized Asset

6 Strategies to Increase Church Funding

Funding Forward research impacts church funding challenges

“Out of the Abundance…”

Relationships open us to the abundance of God’s grace

Tithing is Regressive

Donating 10% of your income means something quite different to those who are struggling

What Does the Bible Say About Giving and Stewardship?

God provides so we can be generous

Upending the Parable Of Talents

It’s important to unpack narratives that prevent us from receiving the liberating love of God

A Good Death: A Legacy of Hope and New Life

Ministry can continue after a church closes

The Upside of Having Part-Time Clergy

Hiring part-time clergy can have many tangible benefits for congregations

Moving Forward

Funding Ministry Through Social Enterprise

Funding Ministry? We Got You!

Stewardship resources for annual campaigns can help you plan for success

Types of Givers: Ideas for Engaging Different Donors

Four unique giving types make up most donor pools.

Legacy Living Inspires Legacy Giving

A personal perspective and practice

Stewardship In A Box

Impactful. Theologically-Grounded. Stewardship Resources.

Solidarity Economics and the Good Life

“We do better when we all do better.” -Paul Wellstone