What makes you feel part of a faith community?

group of young people cheering and laughing in a park
April 2022 Monthly theme graphic - Belonging

Many congregations and individual church members believe they are very “welcoming.” The actual experience of newcomers, however, may be different from what church insiders intend. The distance between visiting and belonging can be very long indeed. This month’s theme will explore pathways to belonging in faith communities and particular practices that can help. 

This theme of belonging hits close to home for many congregations, institutions, and leaders who have struggled to create authentically welcoming spaces. We don’t pretend to have the answers, and neither do Faith+Lead bloggers. Rather, we invite you into a learning space where you can ask questions, bounce ideas off colleagues, and apply what you’ve learned in your context. 

We’ll consider the church’s website as its “front door,” look at the experience of visitors through design thinking, and practice translating insider language into words those with no experience of church can use and understand. 

Join the conversation and add your ideas to the mix in the Faith+Lead Learning Lab.   

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