Platforms for Ministry

Physical and virtual spaces that support ministry

Minister presenting on church via smartphone video.

In what spaces—physical and virtual—does ministry flourish now? By what means do we truly hear that the good news is for us? This is a bit like asking: “How does the Holy Spirit work?” a question with countless possible responses. 

The ways we create space for Christ-centered community and share the Gospel are ever-changing. Within this monthly theme we will not only include digital and social media platforms for ministry but also highlight ways we are living our faith outside of the church, in public spaces and in private homes. In these times of upheaval and great change for the church, church leaders are trying out new platforms for ministry all the time, be they ancient or cutting edge—and often both.

As we explore this theme, Faith+Lead offers you our own platforms for ministry that seek to support the work you do as the church. The Faith+Lead learning lab, and each of our online courses and webinars are designed for leaders to process our experiments in ministry in safe spaces together. Together, we can help each other to adapt and move forward. 

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