What I’m Reading: Leading Beyond the Blizzard

A timely resource to help us in how we frame this present moment.


“One of the Epsicopal bishops in a learning community I lead shared this essay with me today. “Leading Beyond the Blizzard: Why Every Organization Is Now a Startup” is a provocative and helpful framing for the present moment and how to lead in it. As you read it, I invite you to prayerfully name some of what you think the Spirit is up to in this situation.”

-Dwight Zscheile, VP of innovation, Luther Seminary

From the post:

“The novel coronavirus is not just something for leaders to ‘get through’ for a few days or weeks. Instead, we need to treat COVID-19 as an economic and cultural blizzard, winter, and beginning of a ‘little ice age’ — a once-in-a-lifetime change that is likely to affect our lives and organizations for years.”

Read the whole thing.

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  • Dwight Zscheile

    Dwight Zscheile is vice president of innovation and professor of congregational mission and leadership at Luther Seminary. His latest book is Leading Faithful Innovation: Following God into a Hopeful Future (with Michael Binder and Tessa Pinkstaff, Fortress Press, 2023).

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