When the Good Life Doesn’t Feel So Good

God’s overflowing love gives us hope


“Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.” –Deuteronomy 32:2 (NIV)

I am always amazed at the beauty of the world and life around me. As the flowers bloom and wither, there is something holy and magnificent in the transition of the seasons. As people lend a hand to one another and show acts of kindness, there is something powerful in humanity’s love. I used to think the good life was respect, power, financial growth, and outward success. I used to look at society’s images of what good was and try to conform and fit within those standards, yet there was something missing. The good life didn’t feel so good. There was a hole that couldn’t be filled because I was contorting to fit inside the shell of what I believed I needed. I was chasing a man-made, fleeting happiness.

Yet, when I stepped back, removed the rose-colored glasses of society’s standards, and stepped into my faith, the world looked different. I peered at the people and the world around me and saw something powerful. The little things became magnified and enhanced—my perspective shifted. Happiness didn’t have to be chased. It came when I interacted with people and saw the small acts of kindness around me. My faith allowed me the ability to see that goodness is made up of the little things: the smiles we receive in our daily lives; the compassion given to us when we have a blue day; the presence of our friends and family; the comradery of community; and the stranger who becomes a friend. The good life is given to us because of God’s unyielding love and Christ’s sacrifice. This allows us to see the goodness of life. A goodness that envelops us when we’re down, as well as when we’re up. A life that is not fleeting, but fulfilling. 

We must step into life with both feet firm on our faith. We can’t look at what was, but eagerly anticipate what is. Take a moment to explore the colors that have blossomed and brightened the world around us, reminding us of new birth. Embrace the warm weather that has blanketed us and reminds us that we are wrapped in the Holy Spirit guiding us. Allow spring showers, waves of summer, crisp cool air, and frosty winters not only to quench the earth but to renew it and us. 

The vibrancy of faith gives us hope, enables us to see growth, and reminds us of the beauty that exists. This summer, live life to the fullest, embrace new opportunities, stretch yourselves, step out of your comfort zone, and leave the old, dead parts of life behind. It is a challenging task, but not an impossible one, according to scripture. The book of Hosea in the Old Testament assures us that the Lord will appear as sure as the sun will rise, that the Lord will come to us like the winter and spring rains. Isaiah tells Jacob that the chosen people will receive blessings that will spring up like grass in the meadow and trees by a stream of water. So, breathe in the warm air, admire the changing world, and live in the moment. In faith there is a life that is full, a happiness that is overflowing, and a love that is unyielding. The good life is not human-made, but God-made. So, stand in your faith and see how good life in God is.

  • Ralen Robinson

    Ralen Robinson is a Pastor at Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita, KS. When not pastoring, she pursues her Doctorate of Ministry in Homiletics and participates in leadership roles in the wider church. Ralen believes her faith and a good pair of shoes can take you a long way.

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