Financial Stewardship

Explore new ways of thinking about finances, fundraising, and stewardship in your congregational and personal life.

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What do you do?

Fundraising as vocation

What to Do When Your Church Building No Longer Fits

When your beloved space becomes more of a burden than a blessing

Is The Offering Liturgically Optional?

Our response to God’s action in the world

The Ministry of Counting, Really?

Stewarding all gifts for ministry

Stewarding Hidden Talents

Uncovering the crucial gifts of those behind the scenes

At Your Own Pace: the Funding Forward Faith+Lead Academy Course

Bring a more sustainable economic model to your congregation

Church Finances – Funding Forward

A way through the overwhelm that aligns money and mission

Will Shifting the Church Funding Model Increase Church Attendance?

New funding models help build relationships with new people

What if Tithes and Offerings Alone Aren’t Enough and That’s OK?

What if God’s Spirit is ushering us Into a new season of ministry?

Attending to Emotions in Times of Change

Listening to sadness, fear, and anger while leaning into grief, gratitude, and wonder

Church Rental Property Q&A

God’s Mission + Community Need + Underutilized Asset

6 Strategies to Increase Church Funding

Funding Forward research impacts church funding challenges

Funding Forward Research Project

“Out of the Abundance…”

Relationships open us to the abundance of God’s grace

Divine Ownership, Earthly Loans, and the Duty of Gratitude

Managing God’s resources is part of discipleship

Tithing is Regressive

Donating 10% of your income means something quite different to those who are struggling

What Does the Bible Say About Giving and Stewardship?

God provides so we can be generous

Moving Forward

Funding Ministry Through Social Enterprise

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