Financial Stewardship

Explore new ways of thinking about finances, fundraising, and stewardship in your congregational and personal life.

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Moving Forward

Funding Ministry Through Social Enterprise

Funding Ministry? We Got You!

Stewardship resources for annual campaigns can help you plan for success

Types of Givers: Ideas for Engaging Different Donors

Four unique giving types make up most donor pools.

Legacy Living Inspires Legacy Giving

A personal perspective and practice

Stewardship In A Box

Impactful. Theologically-Grounded. Stewardship Resources.

Funding Forward

Mission Driven, Sustainable Practices for Funding Ministry

Stewardship In A Box

A Theologically Trustworthy Bit of Help from Church Anew and Luther Seminary’s Stewardship Leaders Program

Do It Together!: Stewardship Across Generations

Young and old working together model God’s kingdom

Big Church Kids

Servant Leaders, Community Builders, and Faithful Friends, funding God’s mission

Stewardship and Young Children: It’s Bigger Than Paper Banks During Lent

Children remind us that stewardship is about way more than money

Give to a Story

When people feel part of the story we tell, they give

Longing for Engagement

Stewardship storytelling engages us together

Stewardship Preaching Without Excuses

Telling the good news of God’s gifts over and over

God’s Work, Our Line Items

Year-round stewardship and narrative budgets

The Pandemic’s Impact on the Congregation’s Bottom Line

Hopeful determination

Stewardship of Land

God’s mission through a ministry of place

Parking Lot as Holy Space

Coming together as a community to help those in need

Stewarding Relationships, NOT Filling Slots

Tapping into gifts from your faith community