Crash Course: Bible

A Practical, Meaningful Approach to the Fullness of Scripture

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Connect deeply and personally with God’s relevant and resonant word through “Crash Course: Bible.” This is not a Bible survey course, marching through a surface-level overview of each book; it's a multifaceted exploration of Scripture's overall heart and story. Guided by seasoned practitioners, each specializing in distinct modules, you'll weave together an understanding of the Bible’s historical, cultural, and theological context and meaning. Come and gain new insights into its dimensions, various reading and interpretation methods, and its ongoing influence and significance today!

For pastors and church leaders, this course will provide invaluable tools for approaching Scripture and sharing biblical insights in a way that’s accessible and relevant to the worries, questions, and lives of those in your congregation. Whether you've studied the Bible in the past or are new to exploring its pages, you'll build a stronger faith as you get to know the Bible's context, structure, and more.

What You'll Learn

  • Deepen Your Knowledge: Gain a well-rounded understanding of the Bible's origins, historical and cultural context, influence, impact, and interpretation.
  • Navigate Complexity: Learn to navigate denominational differences in engaging with and interpreting biblical texts.
  • Literary Exploration: Explore the diverse literary genres within the Bible and their impact on its interpretation.
  • Gain Unique Insights: Discover what sets the Bible apart from other ancient texts, and identify its influence on culture, literature, and the arts throughout history.
  • Practical Skills: Learn various devotional Scripture reading practices and create a personalized plan for consistent and meaningful Bible reading.
  • Enrich Your Faith: Pray and grow in your understanding as you engage with Scripture in an immersive way!

About this Course

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Here's What's Inside...

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In this module, you will:

  • Understand the historical events that led to the creation of the Bible as we know it today.
  • Describe the concept of “canon.”
  • Build a framework for the reliability of scripture.

In this module, you will:

  • Describe the various literary genres found within the Christian Bible.
  • Practice reading strategies for the various genres.
  • Understand how the various genres interact and support one another.

In this module, you will:

  • Understand the basic timeline of Biblical events and the timeline of when they were documented.
  • Contemplate the significance of the cultural context in which each part of the Bible was written.
  • Differentiate how the Bible may have originally functioned from how it functions today.

In this module, you will:

  • Understand denominational differences in reading and interpreting Biblical texts.
  • Identify a personal lens through which you can understand the Bible.
  • Compare Biblical stories to other stories from the same historical and cultural context and describe what makes the Bible sacred.

In this module, you will:

  • Identify other writings that the Bible has influenced.
  • Describe how liturgical and devotional writing enhance engagement with the Bible.
  • Create your own Bible “fan fiction.”

In this module, you will:

  • Identify several purposes for reading the Bible.
  • Engage with various devotional scripture reading practices.
  • Create a personal plan for establishing or enhancing habitual Bible reading.

Find out your next steps as you complete the course and how to stay connected with your group. You'll also be able to submit feedback about your course.

You'll Learn How to Tell the Story
two people reading the bible with one individual pointing to a specific verse in teaching

Studying the Bible should never be intimidating, hopelessly inaccessible, or a pursuit reserved for seminarians only. We are all invited into Jesus’ life and love, and how we approach (or avoid) God’s word has an impact on that walk! Using the tools from this course, let’s choose to move forward seeing the Bible for what it really is: the still-relevant, all-encompassing story of God’s love, which we are all invited to participate in on a daily basis.

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  • Supportive Community: Join an online community alongside others on their own journeys toward comprehensive learning and a deeper connection to the Bible.
  • Expertly-Curated Content: Enjoy modules designed and facilitated by area-specific practitioners.
  • Lectures, Case Studies, and Interactive Activities: Learn and apply your learning in a variety of dynamic ways.
  • Flexible Learning: Our self-paced online modules are accessible from any location and at your own pace.
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Meet Your Instructors

  • Stephanie Luedtke

    Associate Pastor, St. Barnabas Lutheran Church, Plymouth, Minnesota

    Stephanie Luedtke is a pastor, educator and artist of sorts, often weaving education and art through her ministry, or ministry into art and education. As a certified music educator, Luedtke has taught students from preschool to retirement communities on topics of music history and appreciation, vocal music, and small and large group instrumental instruction. She is also a rostered Deacon in the ELCA, with a master’s degree in worship arts. Luedtke enjoys helping people of all ages find meaningful ways to worship, learn, and be in faithful community together.

    Through her roles as a music teacher, consultant, coach, and curriculum writer, and her ministry in churches and judicatories, Luedtke has always lived out her passions and worked to help others discover theirs. A wife and mother, she enjoys gardening, reading science fiction, drinking good wine, and training for the next race.

  • Dr. Jennifer Hornyak Wojciechowski

    Assistant Professor of Church History, Luther Seminary

    Jennie Wojciechowski has been teaching at Luther since 2019. She previously taught in the religion department at Augsburg University. Wojciechowski is author of the book Women and the Christian Story: A Global History published by Fortress Press in 2022. Her research focuses on women’s history, American history, and the intersection of religion and social reform. She is also the associate editor of the journal Word & World.

  • Kathryn Schifferdecker

    Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Luther Seminary

    Kathryn M Schifferdecker came to Luther Seminary as an assistant professor of Old Testament in 2006. Ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 2001, Schifferdecker was associate pastor for five years at Trinity Lutheran Church, Arkdale, Wisc., before coming to Luther. Schifferdecker is a frequent contributor to and Word & World and the author of Out of the Whirlwind: Creation Theology in the Book of Job (Harvard University Press, 2008). She is currently writing a commentary on the book of Esther.

  • Michael Chan

    Director of Campus Ministry, Concordia College

    Dr. Michael Chan joined the Concordia College community in June 2022. Before that, he was an associate professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn. He joined Luther Seminary after completing his Ph.D. at Emory University and a year of research and teaching at the University of Helsinki. As the executive director for faith and learning, Dr. Chan directs the Lorentzsen Center for Faith and Work and the Dovre Center for Faith and Learning guides Concordia’s interfaith relationships, and oversees the work of Campus Ministry.

  • Anna Marsh

    Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Luther Seminary

    Anna Marsh returned to Luther Seminary in the summer of 2022 for a two-year position as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Old Testament. She earned her Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Interpretation with distinction from the Jewish Theological Seminary (New York, NY) and holds an M.A. in Old Testament from Luther Seminary. Her current research and teaching focus on gender and literary criticism of the Hebrew Bible and food and drink in the Bible and the ancient world. She enjoys teaching in congregations and is available for single sessions or multi-week series on various biblical books or themes.

  • Jim McGrath

    Goodwin Chair of New Testament Language and Literature, Butler University

    Jim McGrath has been the Goodwin Chair of New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University since 2002. He began as an associate professor of religion before being promoted to a full professor and later became the Goodwin Chair. With a doctorate in philosophy, Jim has authored several books, such as A to Z of the New Testament, The Bible and Music, and What Jesus Learned from Women.

  • Tammy Devine

    Professional Certified Coach, ELCA Deacon

    Tammy Devine is a professionally certified coach (ICF Certified), retreat facilitator, and ELCA Deacon—passionate about health, healing, and wholeness. Tammy completed the 2-year program at the Grace Institute for Spiritual Formation. She received her coach training through Auburn Theological Seminary and is a spiritual coach (ICF certified). She earned a Master’s in Leadership from Luther Seminary. Tammy is a registered nurse (BA, Augustana University, Sioux Falls, SD) and has served as a parish nurse/coordinator.

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