Following Jesus to Purpose and Meaning

Uncover the Depth of Jesus' Teachings to Lead with Purpose, Live with Meaning.

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In a world obsessed with material success, have you ever felt a disconnection between societal expectations and the teachings of Jesus? You're not alone, and we understand the questions weighing heavy on your heart. With faith as its foundation, examine what it means to truly live like Jesus in a world often at odds with his message.

The struggle between traditional definitions of "a good life" and Jesus' teachings can be overwhelming. “Following Jesus to Purpose and Meaning” tackles head-on the clash between conventional standards of success and the timeless wisdom of Jesus and offers practical tools to navigate this tension with grace and wisdom.

More than mere theory, this course presents a practical approach to living out the teachings of Jesus in your daily life and urges you to uncover the meaning behind your efforts in ministry and personal faith journey and align them with the teachings that truly matter.

What You'll Learn

  • Engage with Life’s Big Questions: Redefine what a meaningful life looks like in the context of Jesus' teachings through deep theological reflection and thought-provoking inquiries.
  • Develop Emotional Resilience and Spiritual Strength: Learn from Jesus' approach to managing emotions, failure, and suffering.
  • Explore practical strategies: Engage in building emotional resilience and spiritual strength, essential for effective ministry and personal well-being.
  • Apply Faith in Modern Contexts: Learn practical tips and real-life examples to help you deal with today's ministry and faith challenges.

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Here's What's Inside...

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In this module, you will:

  • Consider definitions of a "good life."
  • Reflect on your assumptions about these definitions.
  • Draft your own definition of a "good life."

In this module, you will:

  • Consider Jesus' teaching about a good life.
  • Develop an openness to Jesus' words.
  • Reflect on how Jesus' teaching and your definition relate to each other.

In this module, you will:

  • Identify markers of a meaningful life including radical love and Sabbath.
  • Consider the "roots" and "branches" of that life.
  • Begin to apply these markers to your own life.

In this module, you will:

  • Learn about the effects of failure.
  • Understand the forgiveness of God.
  • Develop habits of forgiveness as an antidote to failure.

In this module, you will:

  • Consider the place of suffering in following Jesus.
  • Learn fruitful ways of responding to suffering.
  • Experience God's constant presence.

In this module, you will:

  • Learn about the emotions of Jesus.
  • Consider the value of happiness vs. joy.
  • Reflect on your own expectations about emotions.
  • Plan an action step for moving to a more purposeful life in Jesus.

Find out your next steps as you complete the course. You'll also be encouraged to submit feedback about your course.

You'll Learn How to Connect with God
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Grounded in theology, Scripture, and spiritual practice, ‘Following Jesus to Purpose and Meaning’ nurtures a Christ-centered identity by empowering you to live as a disciple of Jesus in everyday life.

Learn how searching for deeper meaning and purpose in life through the teachings of Jesus, harnessing effective ways to integrate faith into personal, professional, and congregational life, and exploring how to better navigate modern-day challenges while staying true to your spiritual calling can help you redefine the essence of a fulfilling life.

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  • Continuous Access: Access course materials even after completion, allowing you to revisit insights whenever you need.
  • Real World Application: Discover practical and effective ways to authentically integrate faith into every aspect of your life.

Join Dr. Gorrell on this enlightening journey, where the teachings of Jesus are a source of strength, resilience, and unwavering purpose in an increasingly complex world.

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Meet Your Instructor

  • Rev. Dr. Angela Williams Gorrell

    Rev. Dr. Angela Williams Gorrell is the author of Always On: Practicing Faith in a New Media Landscape and The Gravity of Joy: A Story of Being Lost and Found. She speaks and writes about joy, meaning, finding the life worth living, and the intersection of spiritual and mental health. Media sources such as the New York Times, NPR, and Christianity Today have highlighted her research. She has taught at several schools including Yale University, Baylor University, and Fuller and McCormick Seminary. Angela is a consultant and thought leader for numerous organizations. She utilizes her expertise to help create collaborative communities of prevention specifically working to lower suicide and addiction rates. You can find her on Instagram @angelagorrell. Angela and her sister, Stef, co-host The Grief Sisters podcast and The Grief Sisters book club & support group on Facebook.

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