Overflow: An Introduction to Growing in Faith

Let us take you by the hand and guide you through the different paths of faith.

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Have you ever felt “Stuck” in your faith?

In “Overflow: An Introduction to Growing in Faith,” we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Join our vibrant community of learners who, just like you, have experienced moments of doubt and feeling unworthy. Together, we’ll celebrate victories, learn from setbacks, and discover the incredible worthiness that God sees in each one of us.

In this course, we’ll take you on a journey through various paths of faith, exploring the depths of God’s word and engaging in transformative spiritual practices. You’ll gain a deeper connection to the divine and learn to love God with your mind, spirit, and body.

Throughout this adventure, we’ll tackle tough questions, dismantle harmful myths, and unearth your spiritual strengths. By the end, your faith won’t just grow—it will overflow!

But it doesn’t stop there. As your faith overflows, it will touch the lives of those around you. You’ll learn to love your neighbors in a new and profound way, creating a positive ripple effect.

Are you ready to break free, get unstuck, and embark on this incredible spiritual journey? Sign up now and let’s begin together.

What You'll Learn

• Cultivate spiritual habits that strengthen your connection with God and your community, transforming your faith journey from a duty into an exhilarating expedition.

• Grasp the extraordinary truth that you are a beloved child of God, deserving of God’s love and capable of radiating that affection to those around you.

• Plot your distinctive spiritual journey with achievable, meaningful objectives, igniting a lifetime of discovery with God.

• Foster an enduring sense of gratitude and safety in God’s embrace, creating a fertile environment for your faith to flourish.

• Develop the courage to embrace God’s love in your mind, spirit, body, and interactions, encouraging a comprehensive spiritual health.

• Refine fundamental spiritual practices, converting everyday tasks into profound experiences that deepen your bond with God.

PLUS, much more!!!

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Here's What's Inside...

Get oriented to the course, download the interactive handbook, and access the group to chat with others!

In this module, you will

  • Explore three core metaphors that connect to spiritual formation: The Vine, The Overflowing Pots, and The Parent/Child Relationship.
  • Learn the core elements of Loving God and Loving Neighbor: Mind, Spirit, Body, Comfortable Neighbor, Uncomfortable Neighbor, and Environment.
  • Reflect on God’s unconditional love in your life.

In this module, you will

  • Learn the basic nature of the Bible and why it is important for spiritual formation.
  • Practice the basic elements of Quiet Time with God: Quiet, Trust, Investigate, Meditate, Express Yourself.

In this module, you will

  • Define worship and explore various pathways to connect with God.
  • Learn a simple model for prayer.

In this module, you will

  • Understand that there is not a disconnect between Mind/Spirit/Body.
  • Realize that everything we have is a gift from God and we are called to be good stewards of it.
  • Explore practical ways to use our natural gifts and passions to meet the needs of others in acts of service.

In this module, you will

  • Explore the importance of a Christ-centered community of faith for healthy spiritual formation.
  • Learn the importance of both a corporate worshipping community and an intimate fellowship group.

In this module, you will

  • Explore Jesus’ teaching about loving the enemy and practical ways to do this.
  • Learn how environmental issues are directly related to Jesus’ teaching on the Kingdom of God.
  • Explore practical ways to grow in ecofaith.

In this module, you will

  • Take a Spiritual Health Assessment.
  • Create practical goals in each area: Mind, Spirit, Body, Comfortable Neighbor, Uncomfortable Neighbor, Environment.

Find out your next steps as you complete the course and how to stay connected with your group. You'll also be able to submit feedback about your course.

You'll Learn How to Connect with God

Whether you’re guiding a church as a pastor, a lay leader who is stepping up to the plate to lead a congregation, or an everyday Christian seeking a more fulfilling spiritual journey, you need to hone the ability to recognize and articulate God’s work in your everyday life.

You must be skilled in forging relationships that bridge gaps, not only within your church family but also extending to the broader community.

“Overflow: An Introduction to Growing in Faith” will empower you to develop and refine these essential abilities.

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Meet Your Instructor

  • Rev. Dr. Steve Thomason

    Rev. Dr. Steve Thomason’s passion and purpose intersect in the areas of theology, spiritual formation, and art. Mixing a lifelong love of drawing, illustrating, and animating with degrees from Wheaton College, Bethel Seminary, and Luther Seminary, Steve has done everything from owning and operating his own art studio to pastoring an 8,000 member congregation.

    In addition to his faculty position at Luther Seminary, Steve has developed and maintains A Cartoonist’s Guide to the Bible. He is also the author of several books, including The Visual Preacher: Proclaiming an Embodied Word (Fortress Press, 2022), A Cartoonist’s Guide to John (Vibble Books, 2022), A Cartoonist’s Guide to Luke (Vibble Books, 2021), A Cartoonist’s Guide to Mark (Vibble Books), and A Cartoonist’s Guide to Matthew (Vibble Books, 2019).

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