Rediscovering Hope: Encouragement for Rural Ministry

Cultivate a rural ministry of hope and discipleship.

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If you live and serve in a rural community, you know that your challenges are different from those in urban or suburban contexts.

And all too often, ministry resources that have been created for for urban and suburban churches just don’t make sense in rural congregations.

Yet rural communities can be places of vibrant hope, relationship, and discipleship—especially when you are equipped with a leadership approach that has been specifically designed with rural contexts in mind.

Enter Rediscovering Hope.

Are you ready to step into your rural ministry with a newfound sense of hope and commitment? Scroll down to take a peek inside and get a free sample of what you’ll learn!


What You'll Learn

  • Tap into the power of prayer as a foundation for renewed purpose and mission.
  • Recognize hope through the presence and power of Jesus in your life and in the life of your community.
  • Experience hope by practicing it through faith active in love, with skills, practices, and experiences that are specifically designed for rural communities.
  • Delve into the importance of evangelism and stewardship as essential components of discipleship.
  • Build and lead support groups for those who are grieving or suffering from loss of all kinds.
  • Ground your community in powerful, Spirit-filled worship practices that can be done in churches of any size.


About this Course

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6 hours, 30 minutes

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Here's What's Inside...

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In this module, you will

  • Learn about the nature of hope, what hinders it and what releases it.
  • Experience hope by practicing it.

In this module, you will

  • Experience hope through practicing prayer.
  • Be inspired by the ways Jesus modeled prayer.

In this module, you will

  • Learn how worship that is highly valued, contextual, flexible and creative leads to building hope and creating community.

In this module, you will

  • Consider ways to cultivate hope through building community.

In this module, you will

  • Develop a desire to share the hope of Jesus with others.
  • Consider your unique giftedness in sharing this hope.

In this module, you will

  • Learn that leaders are followers of Jesus.
  • Learn about leadership where one sometimes takes the lead and at other times follows the lead of someone else.
  • Learn some characteristics of effective leadership.

Find out your next steps as you complete the course and how to stay connected with your group. You'll also be able to submit feedback about your course.

You'll Learn How to Connect with God

“Rediscovering Hope” will help you and your congregation connect with God through simple practices of prayer, worship, and holy relationships.

By strengthening your relationship with Jesus and deepening your understanding of the Gospel, you will be equipped to make a lasting impact on your rural community.


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  • A safe place to learn and grow in your faith


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Meet Your Instructor

  • Pastor Keith Zeh

    From Keith Zeh’s baptism at the age of 12 at Calvary Lutheran Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Holy Spirit has been stirring in his life. He has been in many different roles over the course of his ministry career. Zeh started as an Associate Pastor at Calvary Lutheran Church in Bemidji, Minnesota, and later became the Senior Pastor for that congregation. He served as an ELCA Mission Director for five synods in the Dakotas and Northern Minnesota, participating in the ELCA Small Town and Rural Team and leading as the Chair of the ELCA Congregational Renewal Team. He was also the ELCA Director for Evangelical Mission in Eastern North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota synods.

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