It's Time To Try Something New

The Church Experimentation Starter Kit

8 Simple Practices to Help Your Congregation Discern God’s Leadership and Grow Capacity for Faithful Innovation

What's Inside:

  • Learn practices that will you help you and members of your Christian community notice God’s work all around you.
  • Some churches have a tendency to be insular. How can you meet and get to know your neighbors in life-giving ways?
  • Learn to tell and listen deeply to spiritual stories and ways neighbors make meaning in their lives.
  • Learn to be vulnerable enough to both give and receive service from neighbors.

Practice Your Way into a Culture of Faithful Innovation

Many churches know they need to change, yet don’t know how or are unwilling to risk it. The work of faithful innovation means cultivating an environment where experimentation and adaption become a key response to shifting cultural and social norms. What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

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