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Learning to Supervise is Harder than it Looks

Whether you’re new to supervision or have been figuring it out as you go, you may have experienced a moment of realization: this work is harder than it looks. Few of us came into ministry with the skillset or background required to supervise other adults. As people who are often expected to do it all, learning to delegate can be one of our biggest struggles – but it’s necessary. This free e-book will show you how.

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Being present in ministry means trusting your team.

In the work we do, taking responsibility for every detail – from major events to minor catastrophes like copy machine repair – might be our default setting. We may have even received praise for our do-it-all abilities. If nothing else, that kind of feedback can keep us from feeling empowered to delegate, but learning how to is the only way to supervise sustainably.

The reality is that none of us can – or should – save the day all the time. We’re actually made for something better, and so are the people we work alongside. If you’ve found yourself in a supervisory role without a clear picture of how, when, what, or why to delegate, this free e-book by expert church consultants Susan Beaumont and Gil Rendle is the place to start.

What's Inside...

  • Three critical aspects of delegation and follow-up
  • Different styles of delegation – because no two staff members are alike
  • What tasks can be delegated (as well as the ones you probably shouldn’t)
  • A better understanding of how declining to delegate can hurt your team

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