Where the Corn Grows Loud

Diving into Themes of Faith, Growth, and Vocations: This ebook complements a captivating video that introduces a narrative centered around a quiet grandfather and his grandson, embarking on a nighttime adventure in a cornfield to unveil the mysteries of God's creation. The subsequent reflections within the pages of this ebook encompass shared memories, deep insights, and captivating narratives, serving as a launchpad for conversations about faith, life's wonders, and our evolving connections with God. This ebook sets the stage for a transformative exploration of faith, growth, and calling, encouraging us to ponder our roles in the continuous tapestry of God's creation.

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Additional Information:

This resource is a great tool for faith formation instructors and youth and family directors to kickstart conversations about those significant moments in our faith journeys. If you're a grandparent or a parent, you'll also find it inspiring to connect with your teenage kids or grandchildren and share your own faith stories with them. Plus, it encourages us to think about the subtle yet incredible ways in which God keeps creating in our lives and the world around us, sparking conversations about God's continuous and loving work of creation.

This ebook explores three main themes:

  1. Faith Formation: Faith is not merely taught; it's caught. Discover how faith practices can deepen your faith and facilitate sharing it with others.
  2. Growth: Just like corn grows day and night, we, too, are constantly growing. Explore how God continues to shape us and our world.
  3. Vocations/Our Callings: Each of us is called to serve in unique ways through our gifts, abilities, and experiences. Uncover how this video can inspire deeper exploration in all three areas.

How This Works:

  • Personal Stories: A Video Story to Build On: Reflect on what prompted David's quiet grandfather to take his grandson on a night-time journey to the cornfield. Share your own thoughts, memories, and experiences related to faith, family, and the wonders of God's creation.
  • Faith Formation and Practices: Explore the importance of faith practices in deepening your spirituality and learn how to incorporate them into your daily life.
  • Intergenerational - For Grandparents - Sharing Your Legacy: Discover meaningful moments to have holy conversations with children of different generations and strengthen your faith connections.
  • Youth and Family Ministry: Find valuable resources and insights into youth and family ministry to help you nurture faith in the next generation.
  • Vocation - Our Callings: Reflect on your unique gifts, experiences, and callings, and explore how you can serve God in your everyday life.
  • Not Only Corn is Growing - God’s Ongoing Creation is, too. Dive into the ongoing miracle of God's creating presence and power in nature and our lives. Share stories of those who have influenced your faith journey and contributed to your growth.
  • Psalm 8: Conclude your exploration with Psalm 8, celebrating God's majestic creation and our role in it.

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