Shift Ministry Models

Christian communities need to harness skills of agile leadership, stewardship, social entrepreneurism, and management to be nimble enough to respond to a changing cultural landscape.

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A Good Death: A Legacy of Hope and New Life

A Good Death: A Legacy of Hope and New Life

Ministry can continue after a church closes
The Upside of Having Part-Time Clergy

The Upside of Having Part-Time Clergy

Hiring part-time clergy can have many tangible benefits for congregations
It’s Your Time Now

It’s Your Time Now

Learning that God’s plans are different and better than your own.

4.45: Cultivating Leaders for the Mixed Ecology

Hosts Terri Elton, Dee Stokes, and Dwight Zscheile reflect on the past season.

4.44: How to Cultivate the Mixed Ecology in a Regional Church System with Calla Gilson

Terri Elton and Dee Stokes welcome Calla Gilson.

4.43: How to Get Started in the Mixed Ecology in a Local Church with Roz Picardo

Terri Elton and Dee Stokes welcome Dr. Rosario Picardo.

4.42: Rural Fresh Expressions with Kerri Meyer

Terri Elton and Dwight Zscheile welcome Rev. Kerri Meyer.

4.41: The Role of Church Planting in the Mixed Ecology with Wole Agbaje

Terri Elton and Dwight Zscheile welcome minister and leader of IMPRINT Church London, Wole Agbaje.

4.40: Introducing Dinner Church with JD Larson

Hosts Dr. Dee stokes and Dwight Zscheile welcome church planter of North City Church, JD Larson.

Funding Ministry? We Got You!

Stewardship resources for annual campaigns can help you plan for success

Types of Givers: Ideas for Engaging Different Donors

Four unique giving types make up most donor pools.

Legacy Living Inspires Legacy Giving

A personal perspective and practice
Stewardship in a box logo

Stewardship In A Box

Impactful. Theologically-Grounded. Stewardship Resources.

Missional Church: “Where is Our Beach?”

Where is God moving in our neighborhood, and how can we join in God’s work?

Solidarity Economics and the Good Life

“We do better when we all do better.” -Paul Wellstone

A Coaching Course for Clergy?

What is coaching, and how does it help faith leaders?
Worship team at La Viña Inver

Immigration and the Good Life: Where Everyone Has Enough

A good life means a fulfilling life for all people
puzzle pieces

Funding Forward

Mission Driven, Sustainable Practices for Funding Ministry