Equip your congregation to follow God into a faithful future

Use Faith+Lead resources in small groups, Bible studies, discipleship development, and raising up lay leaders in your context.

Why Faith+Lead for congregations?

  • Give members access to trusted theological resources they can use for personal study and in small groups.
  • Create a safe online community space where your members can pray and learn together.
  • Get coaching for your ministry teams that will enable you to follow God into a hopeful future.
  • Equip your lay leaders with skills, passion, and theological imagination they need for faithful and effective ministry.
  • Learn how to help your congregation listen to God, each other, and their neighbors.
  • Deepen your congregation’s spiritual practice and commitment to the gospel.

Peek Inside Faith+Lead for Congregations

Provide on-demand courses for small groups and/or individual study

Grant access to your members for individual study, or go through the courses together—either in-person or online!

Topics include:

  • Faithful innovation
  • Scripture
  • Church history
  • Theology
  • Spiritual practices

…with more being added each month!

A private social network where your members can connect safely

Create a private group inside the Faith+Lead Learning Lab, where you can invite your members and host robust conversations about course content, pray together, or fellowship in faith.

  • No ads or data mining. Unlike Facebook groups, we will never sell your data!
  • A private space dedicated to faithful conversations and honest connections.
  • Give moderator and group leader status to any member you’d like.

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