Burned Out and Overwhelmed

Experiencing God’s Healing Presence on the Ancient Paths



Thursday, February 29

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Experiencing God’s Healing Presence on the Ancient Paths

In these challenging times, leaders like you are facing far more than just the day-to-day responsibilities of ministry. As our communities and congregations grapple with disease, division, and disaster, it's no surprise that you might feel yourself at the epicenter of a storm, with your personal well-being on the back burner. The numbers speak for themselves - a recent Barna Group study shows a worrying decline in spiritual, physical, and mental health among pastors since 2015.

So: how is your soul? Are you feeling the weight of these challenges? Now is the time to reconnect with the age-old spiritual practices that have guided Christian leaders through tough times for centuries. Our workshop, "Burned Out and Overwhelmed: Experiencing God’s Healing Presence on the Ancient Paths," is a journey back to the roots of our faith. Join Jorge Acevedo, author of Everybody Needs Some Cave Time, for practical steps to find peace, resilience, a renewed sense of purpose, and the strength to lead with hope and courage.

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Ministry is hard. It always has been. We are not the first spiritual leaders to be faced with personal and ministerial challenges. But, we are the first to be presented with the challenges of our day. - Jorge Acevedo
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  • Face the root causes of pastoral burnout and overwhelm with fresh hope.
  • Rediscover how ancient wisdom holds the keys for spiritual, emotional, and relational health today.
  • Leave the workshop with a sustainable approach to ministry that prioritizes holistic well-being in today’s challenging cultural context.
  • Gain insights into balancing the tensions between personal spiritual formation and active mission work.

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  • Event Details: February 29th, 2024 from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Central (The recording will be made available to all registrants)
  • Live Learning: Connect and engage with your facilitator and fellow participants during an intentionally guided time of learning and new life.
  • Holistic Guidance and Practical Wisdom: Jorge Acevedo is the author of Everybody Needs Some Cave Time, and his unique story and warm facilitation style will support and encourage you along the way.
  • A Greater Capacity for Hope: Our workshop will invite you into a quiet and genuine exploration of the ancient paths that lead to faithful renewal.
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Meet Your Instructor

  • Jorge Acevedo

    Jorge Acevedo loves Jesus Christ and his Church. Touched by the grace of God at seventeen, he was never the same. Rescued from a life of addictions, his greatest delight is connecting people to Jesus and the Church.

    Born in Puerto Rico, Jorge, at the age of four months, moved with his family to the United States, where he was raised. Jorge is married to Cheryl Montgomery. Their oldest son, Daniel, lives in Cape Coral, Florida, and is the father to their four beautiful grandchildren, Mia, Levi, Seth, and Zoe. They also have a fantastic younger son, Nathan, who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

    Jorge was the Lead Pastor at Grace Church, a multi-site congregation in Southwest Florida, for 27 years. He also served churches in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Kissimmee, Florida; and Lexington, Kentucky. Jorge retired from being a local church pastor after 39 years in September, 2023 and currently is a leadership coach, writer, and speaker. Jorge’s coaching ministry is with Spiritual Leadership Inc.. He also regularly speaks at local churches, conferences and on podcasts.

    Jorge is a 1984 graduate of Asbury College, where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Bible. He is a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity Degree. He also earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2023 from United Theological Seminary with a dissertation on Congregational Vitality: The Church’s Journey from Heroic Solo Leadership to Generative Team Leadership. Jorge received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from United Theological Seminary in 2023.

    Jorge wrote Everybody Needs Some Cave Time: Finding God in Dark Places (Invite Resources, 2023), Neighboring (Abingdon Press, 2019), and Vital: Churches Changing Communities and the World (Abingdon Press, 2013). He co-authored A Field Guide for Methodist Fresh Expressions (Abingdon Press, 2020), The Grace-Full Life: God’s All-Reaching, Soul-Saving, Character-Shaping, Never-Ending Love (Abingdon Press, 2017), Sent: Giving the Gift of Hope at Christmas (Abingdon Press, 2015) and The Heart of Youth Ministry(Bristol House, 1989).

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