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Learn new methods and gain the skills needed to empower the people around you.



October 9

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It might not have been included in your job description, and no one may think to acknowledge it during staff meetings, but when there’s a problem, you are probably who people – from your staff to the congregation – look to for the solution.

That’s not all bad. Most faith leaders have been trained to solve problems, so this work may come naturally. You can’t solve every problem, though. There will be times when you’ll need to empower the people around you to solve their own. Are you ready?

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“The breakouts in the course were so meaningful. To listen to others, and be listened to was so nice.”
Segment One training

In Segment One Basic Skills Coach Training, you'll experience hands-on training and practical wisdom that includes:

  • Skills and methods – like powerful questioning and affirming language – that empower and equip the people you’re coaching
  • A framework for helping people clearly identify where they are, where God is calling them, and the steps they will need to take to get there
  • Real-life coaching practice within your cohort
  • Ways to develop a client base
  • Credit towards your ICF credential upon successful completion

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Session Breakdown

Session 1

What is Coaching?

Participant introductions and a coaching demonstration – what is coaching?

Session 2

Skill Development – the Coaching Agreement

A plan, a purpose, and a practical agreement is crucial to the coaching relationship.

Session 3

Coaching Demonstration – Listening

Learn why active listening is one of the keys to successful coaching.

Session 4

Skill Development – Powerful Questioning and Facilitating Growth

Help your clients grow by knowing how, when, and what to question.

Session 5

Coaching Practice

It’s time to put what you’re learning into practice by coaching each other. Attendance is required at this session.

Session 6

Skill Development – Trust & Safety; Presence & Affirming Language

Learn why successful coaching requires the right environment.

Session 7

Skill Development – Awareness

Successful coaching requires awareness – of self and others.

Session 8

Coaching Practice

Now, with even more knowledge, continue to practice coaching within your triad. Attendance is required at this session.

Session 9

Final Triads

Before coaching actual client, enjoy one more opportunity to practice and develop. Attendance is required at this session.

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Upcoming Course Dates:
October 9 - December 4, 6:30-8:30 pm Central

  • Nine online sessions live with an instructor
  • Live meeting recordings to view again on-demand
  • Course videos, study materials, and instruction
  • A safe place to learn and a community for support
  • 20 Contact Hours

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Meet Your Instructor

  • Dawn Alitz

    Dr. Alitz’s expertise is in the area of adult faith formation, coaching, and program coordination. Before joining the Luther staff in 2016, she had over twenty years of experience in congregational leadership in both mission-start and established congregations. She has her ACC credentialing with the International Coaching Federation, trained with the Global Team Coaching Institute, and is well-known within ELCA and ecumenical circles for her work with adaptive leadership, developing online learning opportunities, and collaborating with various networks of educational and synodical professionals. Dr. Alitz's role at Luther places her in a unique position to equip leaders to engage the Gospel in the 21st century by designing, piloting, and building out new business models for theological education and congregational leadership.