Bible Studies

Gospel Imagination

The faithfulness of God in an age of division

Get on the Tractor: Church Community Amid the ‘Idle and Disruptive’

How 2 Thessalonians can help us move past complaining.

Bible Curious? Bring Your Questions to ‘Enter the Bible’

Bible study leaders or seekers, this is for you!

Searching for Lydia

Engaging with our spiritually curious neighbors

You Can’t Outrun the Relentless Grace of God

The serious theology at the heart of Jonah’s humor.

Trauma in the Biblical Text

Reading Genesis with a focus on trauma and gender

Jesus Sees Our Unpaid Labor Too

Domestic, relational labor is faithful

Jesus’ Work Ethic

Faithfulness for the long haul

Not If, but When … Another Church Member Sins Against You

Mutually navigate the work of forgiveness

When Hope and Fear Coexist

Take off the rose-colored glasses for this Bible study

How Do I Lead a Community Bible Study?

All you need is a good heart and a good outline

Kitchen Parables That Aren’t in the Bible

Grace is experienced as the courage to try again

A Bible Study on Non-Creepy Evangelism

God’s activity of wholeness, restoration, and liberation

Endings and Beginnings

A bible study on change

Reading Scripture with a Disabilities Lens

Biblical reflection for personal or group use

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