Bible Curious? Bring Your Questions to ‘Enter the Bible’

Bible study leaders or seekers, this is for you!


We all have questions about the Bible! Maybe you hesitate to ask them in a group because you are supposed to be the leader, or you just don’t have time to dig into every detail then. Maybe you have questions as you are reading Scripture at home, or because of something you heard Christians say on social media. Is that really what the Bible says?  

Whom can you consult as you prepare to lead, or sit with your own questions? Isn’t there a resource you can recommend to others who also have questions? 

Take a brief tour of Enter the Bible today!

Contributors to Enter the Bible are scholars and church leaders whose life work is studying the Bible and making it accessible to everyday disciples. Through multiple means—video, articles, personal reflections and podcasts—you can join the conversation and go deeper into the Bible with voices you can trust. 

Tell your Bible study companions about Enter the Bible and explore it together! 

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