Resources & Recommendations

The Difference Discipleship Makes

Pivoting from membership to discipleship with Eun Strawser

Listening to Spiritual Lives in Your Ministry Context

Learning more about the stories and struggles of those entrusted to our care

What Do You Need This Advent? 

What will help you engage the season spiritually?

7 Frequently Asked Faithful Innovation Questions

Exploring potential paths to answer questions often posed to Faith+Lead

Burned Out and Overwhelmed?

Engage laypeople in team leadership to take pressure off pastors

Worship Planning, Starting from Scratch

Faithful tips and resources to get started

Learning to Ask ‘God Questions’: Transforming an Inherited Church

When people come alive in God, they really step up in their daily lives and church

Meeting Neighbors Where They Are

Pastor Carl Johnson on missional church and the mixed ecology

Why Are So Many Churches Struggling Today?

Unraveling associations, necessary renunciations, and embracing transformation

Four Key Pivots for Today’s Church

The Pivot Podcast is back with an episode on faithful responses to cultural shifts

Funding Ministry? We Got You!

Stewardship resources for annual campaigns can help you plan for success

Stewardship In A Box

Impactful. Theologically-Grounded. Stewardship Resources.

What is Spiritual Formation?

Bible Curious? Bring Your Questions to ‘Enter the Bible’

Bible study leaders or seekers, this is for you!

Stewardship In A Box

A Theologically Trustworthy Bit of Help from Church Anew and Luther Seminary’s Stewardship Leaders Program