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a woman exploring a cave with a crack of sunlight

Faith & Innovation

With this month's theme, we want to explore what it means to innovate faithfully.

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Faith & Identity

What does it mean to learn, work, serve, love, and play out of a Christ-centered identity? How does it shape our relationships and our choices?

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woman congratulating colleagues

Faith & Work

What makes work “meaningful,” and how is a career different from one’s “vocation”?

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two friends smiling while embracing

Faith & Forgiveness

Ringing in the new year with the spirit of forgiveness without destroying heathy boundaries.

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young girl holding a growing plant with soil

Faith & Hope

Far from being a mental exercise, hope is a muscle strengthened through action.

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communal meal between friends

Faith & Food

How we eat shows who we are

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young girl telling a story to her friends

Faith & Non-Creepy Evangelism

Sharing the gospel without making people’s skin crawl

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Faith, Addiction, and Recovery

Faithful ways of understanding addiction and recovery.

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changing textures

Faith & Change

How does upheaval impact our faith and sense of community?

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Faith & Disabilities

The greatest barriers to inclusion are erected when we don't make places and processes accessible to all.

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women holding hands across a table

Faith & Healthy Boundaries

Clear internal and external boundaries help us thrive.

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Woman covering eyes sadly.

Faith & Trauma

Faith-based resources to help heal trauma.

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friends fishing together

Faith & Belonging

What does it mean to "belong" in a fractured world?

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emotional intelligence

Faith & Emotional Intelligence

How do emotions impact our lives?

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Faith & Difficult Conversations

How to have the conversations necessary for growth in faith and life.

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