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Faith, Addiction, and Recovery

Faithful ways of understanding addiction and recovery.

Suggestions for Use

  • Go through the Bible study during your daily devotion.
  • Read one of the featured stories and journal about how your experience is similar or different.
  • Try out one of the spiritual practices by yourself or with a friend.
  • Invite members of your small group, staff, or board to read an article and summarize it at your next meeting.
  • Include one of these resources in your church's newsletter.

Curated Resources on Faith, Addiction, and Recovery

Our bodies and minds are both resilient and vulnerable, and—Christians claim—reflect the image of God. Nothing highlights this dynamic quite like struggles with addiction and recovery. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 7 Americans experiences substance use disorder. For faith communities—for all of us really—it is important to realize that addiction is a disease and that addiction can be treated. Recovery is possible with the right treatment and support. Honest conversation can reduce the stigma that delays treatment.  This brings up some important questions about the role faith plays in this process. When is faith about relinquishing control? How do the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous function as spiritual practices for some people? What could the role of faith communities be in recovery?