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Faith & Emotional Intelligence

How do emotions impact our lives?

Suggestions for Use

  • Go through the Bible study during your daily devotion.
  • Read one of the featured stories and journal about how your experience is similar or different.
  • Try out one of the spiritual practices by yourself or with a friend.
  • Invite members of your small group, staff, or board to read an article and summarize it at your next meeting.
  • Include one of these resources in your church's newsletter.

Curated Resources on Faith & Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligence

It may seem as though “emotional intelligence” is at an all-time low point in our communities, but no need to despair. Considering how emotions play a role in all our interactions can be practiced and learned. Emotional intelligence is not only the seemingly innate ability to “read the room.” From family systems theory to the impact of sensory experiences to exploring “resonance,” emotional intelligence comes alive in our faith communities in myriad ways. Building reflection processes into everything we do is an important spiritual discipline.