How-To Guides

How Faithful People Write Letters to the Editor 

Speak publicly without being partisan

Recipe for a Grace-filled Crappy Dinner

Hospitality that illustrates “you are loved just as you are”

Tell a Compelling Impact Story

Share the story of what God is doing in your congregation

Writing a Compelling Fundraising Email

Storytelling, Call to Action, Subject Line, Thank You

Interviews: Starting Faith Conversations

Use our tool, or create your own

Spiritual Practices to Do While You’re Waiting

A downloadable prayer card that you can use to pray while waiting anywhere

Snapshots of Faith: A Devotion from My Daily Practice

A simple writing practice that brought hope to me...and to my community.

Seeds Prototype: Breathe Together in Community

Experience God's presence

Seeds Prototype: Jesus, Jazz, and Dessert Wine

Make meaningful connections in your community by creating space for people to engage in art, faith, and storytelling.

The Practice of Unfreezing

Break the ice with embodied conversations about race.

5 Practices to Encourage Congregations in Faithful Innovation

Ancient spiritual practices meet cutting-edge innovation.

Pray at the Laundromat

Make meaningful connections in your community by showing up at the laundromat in a surprising way.

Breakthrough Spiritual Practice: Borrow a Tool

Practice being vulnerable with your neighbors by allowing them to serve you.

Breakthrough Practice: Eat With Your Neighbor

This breakthrough practice helps you deepen friendships with your neighbors by sharing a meal together.

How to Make Going to a Baseball Game a Meaningful Spiritual Practice

This breakthrough practice helps you build community, show support for your neighbors, and experience God’s presence in daily life.

Upcoming Leadership Training Series


Apply the insights of Brené Brown’s work to your faithful leadership.

Upcoming Lay Leader Training Cohort


The School for Lay Ministry is Back! Reserve your spot today.

Upcoming Preaching Workshop


Address controversial topics from the pulpit with wisdom, humor, and grace.