Prayer Types for Personality Types

Walking with saints in the shadowlands

Listening to Spiritual Lives in Your Ministry Context

Learning more about the stories and struggles of those entrusted to our care

Finding Hope by Listening to Longings and Losses

A spiritual practice of lament

Love Memory: a Memoir and a Practice

The practice of holy hush

A Curious Stance Towards Traditions

Re-considering why the congregation does what we do

Rediscovering the Grace of Spiritual Direction

Thou doth protest too much?

Faithful Practices for Parents in Daily Life

Prioritizing presence over perfection in our walk with God

Give to a Story

When people feel part of the story we tell, they give

Longing for Engagement

Stewardship storytelling engages us together

Life-Giving Sermon Prep

Approaches that benefit you AND your listeners

Dear Congregation, We’re Practicing Together

Shifting from passive participation to active engagement

Hurry Up and…Stop

Pausing for Sabbath is a faithful innovation

Three Steps to Leading Faithful Innovation

Listening, acting, and sharing our way to something new

Becoming a Listening Presence

How to foster belonging by lending an ear

Stewardship of Land

God’s mission through a ministry of place

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