Seeds Fellows

All The Whosoevers

Are we ready to welcome everyone who enters our churches?

The Seeds Project welcomes new fellows for 2023 program

Fellows include a theoretical physicist, CrossFit instructor, dancer, community organizer, and more!

Chris Kramer: Ministry Amidst a Housing Crisis

How can we really be the hands and feet of Christ in the world?

Tyler Sit: Co-Creation Is Our Discipleship Ethic

Value responsiveness over relevance

Andrew Nemr: Artistic and Spiritual Formation

Tap dancer Andrew Nemr describes the parallels of art and ministry

Charlene Bowden: It’s Just Us

Listening and telling our authentic stories through the use of media platforms

Colleen Montgomery: All-Digital Ministry

Colleen Montgomery Leads “All Places Together”

Let us Talk About Mental Wellbeing in the Church

Especially in Black and brown communities

Jennifer Oliver: Empower Your Food System

Meet innovative leader Jennifer Oliver

Tim Anderson: Connecting Churches with Their Neighborhoods

Reimagining physical space for community flourishing

Sean Steele: Communities for People Who Love God, But Feel Left Out of the Church

Innovative leader Sean Steele tends micro-communities that flourish.

Heidi Ferris: Eco-Education into Action

Read how one faithful innovator connects environmental justice to faith.

JD Larson: When the Table is Central to Mission

How one dinner church in Minneapolis is creating vibrant. multi-cultural and multi-generational Christian community.

Joe Davis: Healing Through Art

Meet Poet and Artist Joe Davis

Alma Cárdenas-Rodríguez: Author of Your Own Faith

Innovative leader Alma Cárdenas-Rodríguez is a writer, poet, and storyteller.