Faith & Change 

Riding the waves in order to lead


We live in the midst of so much change—in society, in the church, and in our everyday lives. How does upheaval impact our faith and sense of community? How might we get out ahead of change in order to lead, instead of always reacting? And where is God in the chaos of transition? 

This month’s theme will feature the voices of many of Faith+Lead’s experimenters and researchers, including alumni of the Seeds Project, as well as everyday disciples who have experienced change in their own lives and responded faithfully. The August Book Hub “Starting Points for Leading Change” will bring leaders from other faithful innovation initiatives—Lorenzo Librija of TryTank and Sean Chow of Cyclical—into conversation with Faith+Lead’s Terri Elton and Dwight Zscheile. 

We want to hear how you are riding the waves of change. What helps or holds you back? Share your experiences in the Learning Lab anytime, during the live office hour on August 18th, or at this month’s Book Hub on August 11th.

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