February’s Theme: Difficult Conversations

Church as a supportive community for having difficult conversations
two people having a difficult conversation
difficult conversations theme image for february 2022

What makes some subjects especially “difficult” to talk about in our congregations? 

  • Touching on fears or deep losses in an already stressed environment 
  • Potential accusations of being “too political” or divisive
  • Not feeling qualified to broach the subject

Many of us are just trying to get by from week to week, regardless of our field or area or expertise. We may not have reserves of energy to “stir things up” if it can be avoided. Yet where else but church can people find a supportive community for these difficult conversations? 

From church closings to counteracting conspiracy theories, this month’s theme will engage difficult conversations in the church in blog posts, a Learning Lab office hour, and the Faith+Lead Book Hub event. We’ll share strategies, experiments and expertise from others in the field.

Find the courage to enter these conversations, and discover colleagues who have your back in the Learning Lab!

Segment One Basic Skills Coach Training

Next session begins April 25, 2023.
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