Cultivate Community

Christian communities need to be centers of deep listening, where God’s presence is named and life-giving relationships are formed across all dimensions of diversity—both within and beyond the church.

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Listening to Spiritual Lives in Your Ministry Context

Listening to Spiritual Lives in Your Ministry Context

Learning more about the stories and struggles of those entrusted to our care
Faith+Lead Spiritual Life Listening Tool Page Cover

Spiritual Life Listening Tool

Dear Sophia: How to survive my family’s holiday gatherings?

Dear Sophia: How to survive my family’s holiday gatherings?

When experiences and views of loved ones differ, how can we still enjoy each other's company?
small acts

The Need Is So Great, but Small Acts Are Christ Embodied

You can live Jesus’ message of compassion
The Wisdom in Being a Nobody

The Wisdom in Being a Nobody

Among the wreckage of our bruised and battered egos is a haze of grace
Serving on the Frontier

Serving on the Frontier

One must be an adept driver (and comfortable with vast open spaces) to lead Easter people
Farm machinery harvesting crops

Jaxon’s Smile

Faithful attention to the risk of farm injuries

Rural Resilience Requires Community

In the toughest times, we can't go it alone

The Urgency of Loving Others

Why Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ideas of personhood matter today

Get on the Tractor: Church Community Amid the ‘Idle and Disruptive’

How 2 Thessalonians can help us move past complaining.

Solidarity Economics and the Good Life

“We do better when we all do better.” -Paul Wellstone
boy playing baseball

Youth Sports Versus Church?

Noticing—and bridging—the gap between sports and faith

Healthy But Not Well

On vocation and what it means to be well

Shiny, Happy People: Caring for IBLP Survivors

The documentary opened the door for conversation, but the healing will come in waves
Large cabin next to reflective lake

Church Community in Resort Towns

Hospitality is at the heart of ministry

Mary of Bethany

Love like Jesus in every moment

Dear Sophia: What are your best parenting tips for raising compassionate kids?

Common language, starting the way we want to finish, and four mistaken goals.

Re-entry from Pastoral Sabbaticals

How to keep the renewal going